Nischal Oli – kathmandu triennale


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Nischal Oli

Triennale Manager


I was involved with the second edition of the Kathmandu International Art Festival as a Media Coordinator. It was an immense learning experience and started me off a career creating similar artistic engagement. Since the event, I have worked with several large projects, few collaborations, some initiated by me personally which have looked at art's role in helping make knowledge accessible.

For me, the idea of an exhibition extends beyond the artworks on display. For the forthcoming and revised format, Kathmandu Triennale, I am particularly excited about realizing the vision of our curator, who has thought out all ideas and ideals embedded in the process of exhibition-making. This is sure to extend the current conversations about nationally curated projects.

As a manager with the Triennale team, my own goals are to build ownership of the platform and apply strategies that create mutually beneficial and long-term collaborations.


Nischal Oli is an art producer based in Kathmandu, Nepal. He has worked with Photo.Circle, Film South Asia, Yantra, Kathmandu Contemporary Art Center and Siddhartha Arts Foundation among other institutions. Oli has worked personally with artists, collectives and initiatives on projects connecting visual arts to other disciplines. Oli also writes about art and culture (at times) as well as create his own works. His background is in Philosophy and Management.


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