Walking With Milk – kathmandu triennale
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Walking With Milk

A bowl of milk has not made  a stronger statement. On April 1st 2017 five artists, Ashmina Ranjit, Monali Meher, Ryan Elisabeth Reid, Alice Fox and Marie Julie Bollansee walked with a bowl of milk as a part of their performance piece. At 4:45 P.M, theses five artists along with thirty or so other participants walked from in front of the Kumari house  at Basantapur and stopped in the safe zone in in front of the Pashupati temple in Basantapur. This whole piece took around forty-five minutes and had almost everyone in the Basantapur square area pausing their daily work to get a glimpse of the act.

Though many of the spectators, many of whom had followed from the starting point to its end, had amusing theories as to why five women in black with painted blue hands and feet cupping a bowl of milk were leading a processing of thirty or so, also cupping a bowl of milk. The truth was, with this performance art piece these five artists were trying to show to show the strength, care, love as well as the vulnerability of women. According to Ashmina Ranjit they were also trying to show how “from generation to generation how women come together as a strength and pillar”, they were also that “women from all over the world have similar kind of experience not just about motherhood but also about other situations.” Through this performance, the five artists were also trying to show that “together women they are more stronger and they support and hold each other.”