NEWS: Kathmandu Triennale is out on e-flux. – kathmandu triennale
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NEWS: Kathmandu Triennale is out on e-flux.

Pictured above: Peter Downsbrough, HERE, 2016. Bird’s eye view of Kathmandu valley.

The news of the upcoming Kathmandu Triennale 2017 is out on e-flux. Click here to read the article on their website.

e-flux is a publishing platform and archive, artist project, curatorial platform, and enterprise which was founded in 1998.Its news digest, events, exhibitions, schools, journal, books, and the art projects produced and/or disseminated by e-flux describe strains of critical discourse surrounding contemporary art, culture, and theory internationally. Its monthly publication e-flux journal has produced essays commissioned since 2008 about cultural, political, and structural paradigms that inform contemporary artistic production.

Moreover, the news has also been published in Belgian press here and here.

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