Cakes of Art – kathmandu triennale
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Cakes of Art

Who does not like cake? Or should this question even be asked? Whether its nutty Banana cake or a rich and divine Chocolate cake, there is one that everyone loves. Today Hotel Annapurna hosted a Cakes, Art & High Tea event in collaboration with My City Pulse and The Kathmandu Triennale 2017. This event took place in Annapurna Pavilion, it started at 1:00 PM and lasted till 5:00 PM. The Cakes, Art & High Tea, did not leave their guest underwhelmed; with an intimate feel, this event had strangers mingling and making new contacts all while enjoying the delicious food and pastries.

Though everyone enjoyed the savories and dessert provided by The Cake Shop, the highlight of the event had to be the hand painted cake and cookies. Four artist – S.C Suman, Laxman Bajra Lama, Prithivi Shrestha and Surgauna Darshandhari, ,  all involved in the Kathmandu Triennale, painted the cakes and cookies that people could not take eyes off.  These edible pieces of art were inspired by works of famous local and international artists like Brian Hodgson, Francis Alÿs and  Ang Tsherin Sherpa to name a few. It would be correct to say that, many  event goers were hesitant to eat any so that they would admire the works a bit more.

Apart from the cake and the dessert the event goers could also enjoy some etching and lithographs on displayed courtesy of Siddhartha Art Gallery. Those who wanted a physical memories of the event- apart from the numerous selfies, pictures and a satisfied and full stomach- one could buy some journals, cutleries from RAMALAYA as well as merchandise from the Kathmandu Triennale.