Built / Unbuilt : Home/City – kathmandu triennale
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Built / Unbuilt : Home/City

We all know of know that due to difficulties in Nepali, there have been thousands upon thousands of Nepali migrating to different countries with the hopes of making a decent living for themselves and their family. But have we ever of thought of their hopes, dreams and who they are? These are the questions that Dina Bangdel  the curator of this exhibition hopes to answer with this exhibition.

 Built / Unbuilt : Home/City opened on 26th March, in CLAM, Tangalwood. The exhibition was inaugurated by His Excellency Yousef bin Mohammed Al Hail, Ambassador of Qatar. Qatari artist, Yousef Ahmed was the guest of honour for the exhibition.

The exhibition consists of six artists displaying their work, and following the idea of collaboration, half of them are based in Nepal and the other half Doha. The exhibition deals with the idea that the city is the “catalyst for dialogue”. This exhibition ties to tell the stories that emerges as the artists interact with the migrants, and the city.

The audience also got to enjoy a performance by Sunil Sigdel before the ribbon cutting ceremony launching the exhibition.  The Breaking Views. Engaging Art in Post-Earthquake Nepal, was launched after the symposium on Built / Unbuilt : Home/City.


Nepali Artists: Hit Man Gurung, Mekh Limbu, and Sheelasha Rajbhandari

Doha- based Artists: Carolina Aranibar-­‐Fernandez (Bolivia), Emelina Soares (India), Abdulla AlKuwari (Qatar)