Aamaa plays out in Taragaon Museum – kathmandu triennale
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Aamaa plays out in Taragaon Museum

On 28th March, the audience flocked to Taragaun Museum in Boudha to view performing artist, Ryan Elisabeth Reid’s “Aamaa”.

“A Women’s ritual, created and performed collaboratively by a multi-generational ensemble of Nepali women and girls:, it was one of the most anticipated performances of the Kathmandu Triennale and indeed it lived up to the expectations as the artists gave their best performances. Ten female dancers  who were part of the performance enticed the audience with their graceful movements spanning over 45 minutes.

The live music made the ambience better as Shruti and the Band played soft hypnotizing melodies. The audience sat around the Amphitheater in deep awe throughout the play.

“Aamaa” represented the different generations of women and their emotions as they played out various scenes . The eight-year old Agria Singh captured a lot of hearts with her innocence, who seemed to be having a great time while performing. While the other dancers like Pooja Gurung, Honey Shrestha, Bijaya Tripathi, Arpana Lama, Jenisha Maharjan, Sumnima Sampang, Subima Shrestha and the veteran dancer Mithila Sharma also gave a wonderful performance. The dancers were so in sync that the performance moved flawlessly without any hesitation.

It was a cloudy afternoon but the audience at Taragaun Museum got to enjoy a vibrant art performance thanks to Ryan Elisabeth Reid.