Sangeeta Thapa – kathmandu triennale

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Sangeeta Thapa

Curator Statement

Globally, urbanization is a challenge various nations and communities are facing. Cities, world over, parallel stories of struggle, of the search for a better life. They are a melting pot where backgrounds clash, where common grounds are shaped. Cities are the focal points of intellectual and cultural activities, yet with its abundance of opportunities The City is still an embodiment of both human achievement and vice.


Kathmandu is regarded as one of the fastest urbanizing cities in one of the least developed countries of the world. The Valley has become unrecognizable in a short period of global influence. A fact that presents rare opportunity to reflect changes gripping the city and hopes of preserving its natural and historical identity.

Through KT 2017 artists, curators, writers and others will use Kathmandu as a catalyst to prepare their own meditation on social issues embedded in the city. Major issues that will reflected in the exhibition include: human rights, migration, environmental degradation/pollution, socio-economic disparity, vernacular culture, gender and politics.

For his exceptional work in cities across the world, eminent artist Francis Alÿs has been chosen as the Artist Patron of KT 2017.



Sangeeta Thapa is founder and director of the Siddhartha Art Gallery in Kathmandu, and for twenty years she has been actively involved in the promotion of contemporary art in Nepal. She has curated over 300 art shows of Nepali and international artists at the Siddhartha Art Gallery. She co-ordinates workshops, lectures by visiting international artists, Nepali artists and students and also conducts community arts projects.

Thapa aims to make Nepal a hub for the arts in the world and has organizing two international art festivals and several residency programmes.  In order to reach and conduct a wider range of artistic activities, she has founded the Siddhartha Art Foundation ( est. 2011) and also co founded the Kathmandu Contemporary Art Centre.

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