Krzysztof Lukomski – kathmandu triennale

Curator's Profile

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Krzysztof Lukomski

Curator Statement

The Art of Journey

Krzysztof Lukomski along with Team.Work—an artists and designers collective—will be here in the Valley (from March 2017) for a month during which time they will be setting up a community interaction station. Creating a base in an area within the city, the team’s goal is to interact with the local community and create close relationship with its people so that sharing of ideas and addressing of issues through art and media can be made possible. The idea is to organize workshops, discussions, meetings, tours and screenings wherein the team will share stories from Poland and the local community will be sharing their stories with the Polish artists and designers. 

Project details

Story–telling Workshop: Team Work will be working with the community to create two way communications during an informal workshop wherein the members of the team will be sharing stories from Poland to the community and the members of the community will be sharing Nepali stories to the team. These stories will be translated both ways and will be documented and archived.

Community Museum: Team Work will engage the community in collecting items from within the community to create a museum of items. The idea is to help the community members understand art as a means to re-discovering and collecting meanings.

House of Common Task: Team Work will be occupying a building within the target community which they will use as their base for operation. This will be where the artists and designers will be engaging and interacting with the community members to create solutions through design to solve problems that the community is facing. All events, talks, shows and presentations will be held in this location. 

Film Screeenings

Kris Lukomski, the Art Director of Short Waves Film Festival, will also bring along a collection of European films which will be screened during the Triennale.

The collection is a selection of films from Short Waves Film Festival, one of the most popular film festivals in Poland. The directory of the film festival Szymon Stemplewski will also be traveling to Kathmandu for the screenings.

About Short Waves Film Festival

Short Waves Film Festival screens films from Poland and from around the world that are less than 30 minutes in length. The films go through a rigorous selection process before they are screened in the festival. 


Kris Lukomski is a PhD-lecturer and curator of various art-events and the Art Director of the Short Waves Film Festival. He also works in the field of art-education where he researches new methodologies of process-oriented approach, teaching at the Department of Intermedia at the University of Art in Poznan, Poland, as well as in a self-made program “Media, Design, Display” at the International Design University, the School of Form. Currently he works as curator of the long-term program of art-exchange between Poland and Indonesia and with Marianna Dobkowska at the Center of Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Catle in Warsaw on two programs entitled: SOCIAL DESIGN FOR SOCIAL LIVING (exhibition at the National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia June-July 2016) and THE ART OF GOOD WORK (CCA Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Autumn 2017). He is interested in interdisciplinary and performative experiences of contemporary art & social design as well as community-based art-practices. As a avid traveler and researcher, he focuses mostly on the convergence of new art-education methodologies, the psychology of reception of art, communication design and the mobility of artists.